[OUT OF DATE, SORTA] Creating a MG Discord server for replacement in 2020 + Installed Linux Mint

Well, i am creating a new MG Discord server for when @Megadeth58’s server have to be replaced, we have a 5th one

Join if you want to

Also, i got Linux Mint on my PC

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what the fuck do you think it’s easy like that

i’m not killing the server in 2020, and if i’m sick of it, im transferring ownership to SOMEONE I TRUST


well, every MG discord seervers for now had an end, i’m doing it to replace yours when it get closed

holy fuck will the pedrox-based discord be censored, like, if there’s someone that even slightly dislikes pedrox, the ban hammer will be thrown, and pedrox-offensive topics will result in a ban. :unamused:

the megadeth server is good, and still new.

not really, i am not banning ppl that dislike me

there will just not be a NSFW channel

(check this)

oh wait

too bad

well, if there’s no nsfw channels, then some people could post nsfw in general :stuck_out_tongue:

then i will delete and kick them :wink:

anyways wanna join the server

meh, kicking people will only make them rejoin, also, i’m the first person to join, but it’s just out of curosity and just to check if it’s alive.

totally not because you got banned. sure.

i got banned for no reason, i didn’t do anything
@Megadeth58 what was the motive, if it was for no reason, then i would ban you on mine for sure :stuck_out_tongue: AND I’M NOT FUCKING JOKING

Clix is a discord mod, i’m sure that is true

hmmm spamming, drama and another thing i think

no just stop

you still didn’t provide proof that what that guy said is real.

no, he got banned because of the Discord TOS not allowing people younger than 13 years old to be on Discord.

oh for sure

well, he is Discord staff, and yes, some friends of me (ExtremeSilver11080, etc) is also underage

i am leaving EVERY server that have a NSFW channel