Old YouTube annotations are still there!

As you know, the annotations are gone since January 15, 2019.

As I am a frequent viewer of the DataHoarder subreddit, I saw that they’ve been archiving annotation data from 1.4 billion videos. That’s crazy!

You can use this Firefox extension (works directly from YouTube servers) or this github thingie or even https://dev.invidio.us/ (if you don’t want to download addons) to restore the annotations!

Also, “If there is enough interest, an annotation creator can be made.”

Pretty exciting stuff! So if you’re interested head on over to this Reddit post by omarroth for more information.


I don’t like Firefox for chroming the web browser.

Your logic is like -9999

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XUL > WebExtensions


You can’t use the extension.


WebExtensions are only in newer versions of Firefox, and you can only have a fork of Firefox 52.9 ESR. And that version does not have it.

There is some minimal support in serpent of them :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope. The developers of Basilisk removed it in the 2019 versions.

You know that roytam1 can revert those removings and make then XP compatible? :stuck_out_tongue:

>Implying that I use XP or Vista