Old Facebook

i was looking at Emily is away <3 (new game owo)
and i was thinking… there is a old facebook remake? somebody is planning to do one?

kinda miss old facebook tbh :b

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There are NO old Facebook remakes, so just do one yourself but you must also do the following:

  1. Learn PHP
  2. Come up with an original name for it
  3. Buy a domain for it
  4. Buy a server (dedicated or VPS)

It’s that easy.

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sometimes i tried to make a clone of VKontakte, similar to facebook, and i get this http://github.com/openvk/openvk-classic, but now it’s discontinued

What you described is not easy and definitely will take some time and thought, sswag.

hey dude, I’d like to introduce you my friend Sarcasm


What is the purpose?

that’s the answer