[OBSOLETE] Select versions of old ICQ clients work! Here's how to get connected

Like Machintosh_Lapfan said earlier. oldapps broke because the entire server who hosted the downloads closed down or the staff forgot to shut down the site after closing down the download server.

Hello! I install the ICQ 2001B and I can open it… but I cant login:
“Can’t establish connection. Check your Internet connection and reconnect ICQ.”

I am sure my network is available and my ICQ number and password are correct…
is it not available for WIN 10 … T.T???
(I tried 2003B too… the result is same… T^T )

Could you please give me some advice ?
Thank you sooooo much!!! T^T

If you haven’t touched the ICQ connection settings, then yeah the official servers for those are dead. Luckily, not all of the server components are gone. I made a server that uses another method to connect to the core ICQ servers to translate that data to something the classic clients can understand.

There should be a connection settings button on the log on screen, and you can change the server URL to my URL. Everything should work fine afterwards.

Thank you so much for your help!

I can login now… but my contact friends not showing here :disappointed_relieved:

here is the screenshot of my ICQ:

but I can see my ICQ friends in mobile apps and web.icq.com

In this case, is that mean I cant get my contact friends from old ICQ version? :scream: :bowing_man::bowing_man:

I haven’t tested 2003b with my server yet, so that’ll be under investigation soon.

2003b and 5.x technically work with my server, so there should no problems service-wise afterwards. :slight_smile:

As I’m trying to get into the 2001b settings, the “Registration” window keeps popping up. I cant skip it or anything.

When you select to use an existing account, you can just log in and wait until it fails, and then go into the connection settings, change the host, and log in again. I’m still trying to find a more clean solution for this, though, so I’m hoping that’s dealt with.

Could someone please help me, my operating system is Windows xp and I was wondering if anyone would happen to know how to make ICQ 2001b work

Sorry but all ICQ versions until 8.x are dead, blame mail.ru for killing the server

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so version 9.0 work?

There is no version 9.0. Version 10.0 is the modern ICQ that has the new UI and junk, so you’re basically done if you still want to use old ICQ versions before 10.

so, no old icq damn, Thaks for answering dude

I should really get this thread unpinned, considering it’s been obsolete for over a year.

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just ask trekie, and ask trekie to close the post


omg, nostalgia

mail.ru trash

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