[NOTICE] Unknown spy leaking messages from the MessengerGeek Discord to Deathlife23

If you aren’t aware, @Deathlife23 has been banned from the MessengerGeek Discord a while ago.

Now, someone seems to be feeding him messages from the various channels on the Discord server. It first started when someone was reporting @Nojus2001’s reposts of messages from @Deathlife23’s Discord server for his WIP Roblox revival, Lithium, to our Discord. This resulted in @Nojus2001 getting banned and even featured in a video one of Deathlife’s buddies recorded of him singing about how his revival isn’t the best and messaging Deathlife about how he’s recording it, all out of mockery. Now, he just seems to be getting a hold of what we’re saying, period, especially messages that criticize him, and whenever he does receive our messages, he will taunt whoever posted it in question via Discord’s private messaging feature if you’ve added him as a friend.

Either way, we’re trying to deter this as much as possible. It first started with closing access to the Discord from people who were also in Deathlife’s Lithium Discord, since the first occurrences were publicly mentioned in the Lithium Discord, but that has since been proven ineffective, and the only other thing to do is put the whole Discord on lockdown, which we want to avoid for the time being. So be wary that someone is leaking messages from our server to Deathlife, and if you have private messaging access to him, also be warned that he might try to comment on your messages in an unsavoury manner.

Be safe, and enjoy yourself. :slight_smile: