Nostalgia Combo (Make Yourself!)

(I’m winning nothing to do this, is everything that I like that picks a nostalgia, have a great day!):

Who think of a Nostalgia Combo? You can do it! Here is a Free Itens for this combo:

1- If you want a good old Youtube style back? Then, you can do it! I found a extension that can make this in only 2 clicks! Chrome Based Browsers Only!

(It supports almost any language)

2- If you want to play old games, No problem! can solve the problem, Or, Just Go To: <-- (some of games don’t work with Windows 10, like Mario Teaches at Typing 2)

3- Old Messengers?! Yes! You can have it today, Working!! Just go to --> create an account, and, download the client!

4 (Optional)- Wait, WLM '09 In 2020? Yes, your problem solved (was, and it is, see the 3 one)

5- Some: A good old browser may be a good choice. Me: If is, go to search engine, and search the Web Engine Name, and the version, if want to get in a site, is the option (for now)

6- (Off-topic, but great to help to get a nostalgia game or something in shorturl and others)So, you can get:

7- old OS ISOs you say? No problem, you can have it in:

8- So… You want to have a old taskbar? Better get a pack to transform it with ClassicShell, maybe the most secure way. (Yes, the site looks like 2000s style)

9-If you want a old vista/7 gadgets, you can make 8GadgetPack a try!

10- Customize PC Icons, why not? So, you can use CustomizerGod to do this:

11- Old styled Firefox would be nice! This browser is good for you then:

12- Looking to customize Icons (to older, like older chrome icon on newer chrome version) on our shortcuts? No problem: Just search n’ go!

13- Problems with old apps? Why we should install old Windows (lol)? Just use OTVDM and try play with it! OTVDM is like NTVDM, but on x64 Windows 10.

14- so, you need a activation keys, no problem, (I mean), you need just to search for it, is not that hard, really easy to get, (give it a try)

15- Old pages? Hmm… Good idea (I know a bunch of users know about that), just go to (search for a old page, like, and


OMG this is actually a combo and it looks good i think i willl try it

hey man i saw you putted my url on it! thank you :stuck_out_tongue:

bruh brave

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Firefox and Edge Chromium are WAY better than Brave Bruh

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Yes, I was looking for something like this! Good that I found it!

Looks like it already dad

I use Edge Chromium now

I use that Edge chromium rn

Haha, i like it but i am fine with the default way windows 10 is, but still pretty useful if i decide at some point to change my system a bit.
Must say that i have been using the sidebar, mostly because i liked the idea of windows having a sidebar, specially the potential of it that i saw in some PDC 2003 videos from microsoft, so i already have it.
Currently sticking with firefox as it can do everything i do during my day, i honestly just dont use old browsers due to them being unsafe/not 100% of HTML5 compability.

Or check out their other project Basilisk, and if your looking for old extensions then install the CAA extension for extensions that work on old Firefox, Pale Moon and Basilisk

basilisk is too heavy tbh, i tested that browser two years ago on my dual core cpu and it was so laggy & cpu usage was 100%

Ive tested it on my laptop and used it alot and i never had lag on it

I wouldn’t recommend pale moon (aka furry browser), I always felt like it was slower and lagged more compared to Firefox.

Old Firefox was poorly optimized

True, generally I only use Basilisk or Pale Moon primairly because I miss the old style and GUI of Firefox. Generally as i said before, it might be slow because of your hardware, as on my laptop i never experienced a slight bit of lag on it before. And anyways, ESR releases of Firefox exist anyways.

firefox is already furry browser lol

tbh goanna engine (that was forked from ff) is better than old firefox & it worked at the same performance as the quantum engine