Nostalgia Combo (Make Yourself!)

(I’m winning nothing to do this, is everything that I like that picks a nostalgia, have a great day!):

Who think of a Nostalgia Combo? You can do it! Here is a Free Itens for this combo:

1- If you want a good old Youtube style back? Then, you can do it! I found a extension that can make this in only 2 clicks! Chrome Based Browsers Only!

(It supports almost any language)

2- If you want to play old games, No problem! can solve the problem, Or, Just Go To: <-- (some of games don’t work with Windows 10, like Mario Teaches at Typing 2)

3- Old Messengers?! Yes! You can have it today, Working!! Just go to --> create an account, and, download the client!

4 (Optional)- Wait, WLM '09 In 2020? Yes, your problem solved (was, and it is, see the 3 one)

5- Some: A good old browser may be a good choice. Me: If is, go to search engine, and search the Web Engine Name, and the version, if want to get in a site, is the option (for now)

6- (Off-topic, but great to help to get a nostalgia game or something in shorturl and others)So, you can get:

7- old OS ISOs you say? No problem, you can have it in:

8- So… You want to have a old taskbar? Better get a pack to transform it with ClassicShell, maybe the most secure way. (Yes, the site looks like 2000s style)

9-If you want a old vista/7 gadgets, you can make 8GadgetPack a try!

10- Customize PC Icons, why not? So, you can use CustomizerGod to do this:

11- Old styled Firefox would be nice! This browser is good for you then:

12- Looking to customize Icons (to older, like older chrome icon on newer chrome version) on our shortcuts? No problem: Just search n’ go!

13- Problems with old apps? Why we should install old Windows (lol)? Just use OTVDM and try play with it! OTVDM is like NTVDM, but on x64 Windows 10.

14- so, you need a activation keys, no problem, (I mean), you need just to search for it, is not that hard, really easy to get, (give it a try)

15- Old pages? Hmm… Good idea (I know a bunch of users know about that), just go to (search for a old page, like, and


OMG this is actually a combo and it looks good i think i willl try it

hey man i saw you putted my url on it! thank you :stuck_out_tongue:

bruh brave

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Firefox and Edge Chromium are WAY better than Brave Bruh

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Yes, I was looking for something like this! Good that I found it!

Looks like it already dad

I use Edge Chromium now

I use that Edge chromium rn

Haha, i like it but i am fine with the default way windows 10 is, but still pretty useful if i decide at some point to change my system a bit.
Must say that i have been using the sidebar, mostly because i liked the idea of windows having a sidebar, specially the potential of it that i saw in some PDC 2003 videos from microsoft, so i already have it.
Currently sticking with firefox as it can do everything i do during my day, i honestly just dont use old browsers due to them being unsafe/not 100% of HTML5 compability.