No longer able to add contacts

I made the mistake of removing a very important contact and can no longer add her back. I had her send me an invitation and I can click “Yes, add as friend” and check “Add to favorites”, but nothing happens.
I’m also unable to add Messenger contacts back to Skype as well, so using Skype is not an option.
Anyone else seen this?

Try to add her via Butterfly Messenger.

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Unfortunately, that didn’t work. Only worked as long as I was in Butterfly Messenger, but the contact didn’t show up on WLM. Also didn’t work when I got back into Butterfly Messenger. Had to re-add her every time.
May have to just give up on WLM.

It’s a problem with windows live messenger the contacts are sent to a different network if you put the mouse over the contact you’ll see it says “network” microsoft Lync" instead of windows live messenger, @TReKiE can explain to you more about this bug and the solution :slight_smile:

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the most extreme solution if you dont have another way

is to make a new e-mail and add the contact

what is the solution?

The only solution I found was to switch to Skype. :frowning: Unfortunately, that required my contact to use Skype for Web because her work firewall blocks Skype client. Not an ideal solution, but the only one we could come up with that worked.

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try this way for the contacts that cant delete:

0)Log off from WLM and butterfly messenger,

1)log in from skype with your msn e-mail

2)it will show you all your contacts include msn contacts and skype contacts

3)delete the msn contacts that have problem

4)log off skype and wait 24 hours

5)log in again from butterfly messenger to check if the ‘‘problematic contacts’’ have been deleted. if so,add them again.

make sure that the other contact add you also using butterfly messenger.

make sure that the other contact do the above also!