No color status while logged in WLM 8.5

I’m not sure if is only me or is a bug in general but i have noticed that when i use messenger i can’t see my status in color i mean green for online or red or orange for absent or not available does someone knows what cause this to happen ? and if so there’s something i can do to fix it ? i hope im explaining myself in here otherwise feel free to ask me anything :slight_smile:

i think that is a feature only available for WLM 2009 and up.


can be but still not sure will keep that one mind thanks for the feed :smiley:

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In these older versions they make the assumption that you’ll use the notification area (system tray) icon for seeing the status.

Or is that the part that isn’t working?

I admit I miss the enhanced ways of seeing status from 2009 too, sometimes I set my status and totally forget (sometimes for whole days) :slight_smile:

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I am talking about this color status you know the one in the edges of your profile picture (stock picture for reference purposes only) the one in the tray bar works good but is this one that doesn’t light up whatsoever :frowning:

You are clearly talking about a 2009+ feature.

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Well that explain a lot thanks for the feed back guys :smiley: