Nickname and personal message don't synchronise with the servers on WLM 8.1 with Wine

Hey everyone ! I just installed WLM 8.1 with Wine on my Mac and it seems to work fine until now. But I have one problem : my nickname and my personal message don’t seem to synchronize to the server. They erase when I’m disconnecting and I have to re-enter them each time I reconnect. However, my profile picture works. That’s not a big deal, but it’s quite annoying. Anyone knows why it happens ?

Thanks in advance, and thank you so much for all this progress about Escargot, that’s really good :wink:

Probably Escargot doesn’t sync them at all. I have just a Android pic and no message when I enter from Mercury Messenger.

I don’t think so since it works for me with MSN 7.5. That’s weird !

While the client stores information, server don’t get them and no transmission occurs. When I switched WLM, I got different pic and no status. That should be the case.
Edit: It’s great that Wine runs it :wink:

I see ! But I don’t get why the transmission occurs with MSN 7.5 and not with WLM.
Yeah it’s a little bit tedious to install but everything works great :slight_smile:

Just wondered, what doesn’t work in Wine? You can file a bug report.
By the way, I’m the Turkish translator of Wine and yet to use it.

All basic features of WLM 8.1 work (with the following winetricks : corefonts, tahoma, riched20, riched30, msxml3, msls3, gdiplus, wmp10 + Flash Player 9 installed in a Wineskin bundle). The things that doesn’t work are :

  • The nickname and personal message are deleted every time you disconnect (but the profile picture doesn’t).
  • Dynamic backgrounds doesn’t appear, even when Flash is installed
  • Messenger Plus! (the installation works but it doesn’t appear in WLM)
  • Webcam isn’t detected
  • WLM crashes everytime I click on the mail icon (edit : resolved by installing ie8)
  • WLM crashes when I go in connection settings

EDIT : chatting makes WLM8 crash so it doesn’t work (but it works with MSN 7.5)

Many (if not all) of these bugs are not really related to Escargot but are probably due to Wine.

Maybe getting a log for each errors can help people find the problem:

Yeah these problems come from Wine ! I’ll try to do logs

This one “WLM crashes everytime I click on the mail icon” requires Internet Explorer. So maybe, it crashes because IE is not installed/available under Wine?

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Have you checked the AppDB for 8.x versions:

All Messenger versions: WineHQ - Windows Live Messenger - discontinued

Read the Comments and How to sections.

Thank you, you were right, I just installed Internet Explorer in my Wineskin Bundle and it doesn’t crash anymore in WLM 8.5, even if the link doesn’t open. Now I have to test if the chat crashes again !

I saw all the comments and how to sections but it doesn’t resolve the problems unfortunately.

The link doesn’t open on PC either. We have no idea why yet.

triston is bek!!!

That’s weird !

Do you want me to put the Wine logs here ?

I never left. Was just busy giving a hand to the developers with WLM 8.x for Escargot :smiley:

You can, we never know, maybe the answer lies inside it :smiley:

Since I installed Internet Explorer nothing crashes anymore until now, and my nickname and personal message now synchronise with the servers :slight_smile: I’ll post the logs as soon as I get another crash !

Ok but when you click the mail icon, Internet Explorer opens but doesn’t navigate to any page?

No, nothing happens at all, Internet Explorer doesn’t open.