New Website : Hungarian spelling issue

Hey guys, I’m from Hungary and I perfectly can speak the English language, I’m really glad with the new website! However, I found some spelling and not really understandable words and werbs. If is any chance I could help to make the Hungarian version of the site, better. If you need please , text me on my Discord or on my Email!

I will help with my pleasure and make this project go foward. :slight_smile:

@Balazs_V did the Hungarian translation. For a native speaker, if he’s that bad at mastering his own language, I’d be surprised. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also if you know how to code in JSON, you can submit a translation yourself to the designer, @Maigol’s, email at

I know Balazs, he have me over MSN and Discord :stuck_out_tongue: He needs a little fix some spellings, but otherwise the translation is acceptable. Sadly I don’t know Json, I only do Lua coding. (For a game basically) I let Balazs know soon as he gets on to check the spelling and werbs. =) Thanks the quick answer and info! :slight_smile:

Well, you actually don’t have to know JSON :stuck_out_tongue: You can just ignore the keys and translate the values’ text

That’s fine by me :smiley: I’m happy to help

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I have been contacted Balazs, once’s he gets on I will discuss with the translation issue, and I keep the topic updated! =)

@Maigol It doesn’t exactly work like that if you know next to nothing about a programming language. :confused:

If you want to start from scratch, go to this topic. There’s instructions on what to touch and what not to, as well as the english language file

Umm, sorry, what?

You can’t just give people vague instructions on how to program just so they can submit variations of human-readable text contained in that programming language. This isn’t even CSV we’re talking about. This is a structured programming language with syntax. Trying to get average people to code it just to submit something as simple as a translation will fail one way or another (Remember when @RioMcCloud initially submitted his and there were syntax errors in the JSON? Definitely not a hassle…).

A better way to deal with this is to create a user-friendly form where people can submit their translations there, and you can set up the JSON for that then. Less problems and more efficient. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I guess you’re right :confused: I’m going to start working on that

its not even switching to hungarian

wow your alive

If I have a free time then i would check it again and fix english fails. while wait please

Hi all, sorry for my late answer I’m kinda on Gmod CSLUa programing. >m< So back to the Hungarian site, so somehow is any way we could work on? I mean I can make a better translation either if Balazs is busy. Or we could work together as well. Let me know, because the latest Hungarian site of the page is kinda like “Googled translated”

Yap, the FAQ is Google translated.

If you call GTranslate for hu translation it wont end up good :stuck_out_tongue:

So, if you have big mouth please translate the FAQ correctly. Or use website as english language…