New Escargot website finished!


That’d be awesome! :smiley:

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this is amazing,good job!


now THATS an original website


Please, don’t use the mexican flag to represent the spanish language.


What do you want? A lot of countries speak Spanish but there can be just one flag.
I put the mexican one just because of the “tradition”.
Btw, I didn’t see any canadians or english people complaining about the United States’ flag representing the english language, nor italian people complaining about the word ‘italian’ not being in italics :stuck_out_tongue:


To make it easy and for the people does not complain much, do a European Spanish and Latin Spanish. In European you use the flag of Spain and in Latin you use the flag of Mexico.

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I think I could do it with a little bit of js…
But I’d like to ask, why be so triggered about just a menu? :b

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IDK :stuck_out_tongue:

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Why not? MSN Messenger was onve the…


Well done! Thanks for your effort :slight_smile:


The US flag is much more recognizable as english language, as it is a world power. Also, in all menus i’ve seen Spanish is represented with the Spanish flag or a crossover between the Spanish flag and a latin-american one.

Of course, if you feel like having it like that, it’s perfectly fine. It’s just a menu, and you’ve done the webpage. It just felt strange for me. It’s like using the Australian flag to represent English. Yes, you know it’s English but I don’t know, it feels strange.


Also, when you are on the screen to select the MSN version, in English it says Get started with Escargot. In Spanish it says Empieza con Escargot, which is a literal translation that means, if you translate it literally “start (doing) with Escargot” more or less. It would be more correct “Empieza a usar Escargot”

I know it’s Google Translator, but I’m just trying to help.

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The UK is also a world power. So your argument is invalid.


I definitely prefer that one over the current one.

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Yes, but the US also is. I mean (even while spain isn’t a world power) it’s easier to think Spanish —> Spain than Spanish —> Mexico. English —> UK and US are equally recognizable.

But they are just flags: I just said what I thought, but if the designer of the page thinks they are OK like that, they are.

Edit: Also, in a Venezuelan web page they will use the Venezuelan flag, and in a US web page they will use the US flag for English.


is the website down? i can’t go on


Same, preview site not working now


Oh, I’m sorry. I was trying another hosting service and couldn’t change it back to InfinityFree because I was in school. It should be up again in like 2 minutes :slight_smile:

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now it’s back up


I’ve seen it now and I like it
I would only change the blue background for a lighter one
Better than the current

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