[Needs to be merged] Hoi hoi hoi!


HOI, i am ryan. the names i go by are ryan, zack, and brownie! u can call me ether one! :3
i am very new to MSN/WLM, i have heard/been wanting to try MSN/WLM for years! XD
but ever since i watched a video about MSN, escargot, and here, i had to try it out! (again, cause last times it didnt work out… 3:)
heres the video: i am talking about: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lBDqN91Fqno
anyway! XD
if u wanna add me, u can!
heres my MSN email: theunknowcatboy@gmail.com
the version i am using is MSN 7.0.


ok i am trying to delete this post and it not letting me


You’ll have to ask an administrator to do that.


ooohhh ok.