Near to the end of another decade

So… Another decade of 2000 will end, uh? What you think about these years? Like… important things happened to you and to the world and what you think about 2020 :slight_smile:

Why this post? I just wanted to know something about you u.u


I graduated high school 2019 and I’m finally out of that hellhole some people call “public education” : )


i’ve learned a lot of new stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

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LeL :stuck_out_tongue:

the 2000s was good 2010s FUCKING HELL DO I NEED TO SAY MORE

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why did music have to go downhill

Tweens (aka preteens), that’s why.

ok boomer

time goes fast, so we are getting on 20’s

In 2016 I started dating a married woman (I didn’t know) and just got screwed;
This woman got pregnant with me twice and lost her baby both times;
My father died last year of cancer;
Since then I live alone with no one, no relatives, nothing.
I will end the year full of debt;
Well, at least I’m alive. lol
What a fu***** decade!


Too much wasted time this decade :frowning:


I made quite some friend over the decade so yeah.

My Mom Died in 2018
I made 14 years
I made much friends
I have 230 subscribers on yt
I made much friends on msn.
I used windows xp
And much more things happened to me in 2005-2019.


RIP to your mom, god is with you

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Thank You, God Bless You. And Amen. :innocent::pray:

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I shidded
I farded
I nudded and
started my machine at least 50 times

thanks for coming to my tedtalk

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I’ve lost my father in 2019 too.

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RIP to you father

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God Bless you and your Family, Rip to your father, and god is with you.

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