Nah this post was cringe

just a big misunderstanding lolza.

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The source code is over 2 years old and has been patched for a long time, not to mention that you can’t even connect to Valve servers unless you’re on an up-to-date client. Don’t worry people, you can play TF2, CS, and literally any other game just fine. It’s the 2020 equivalent to “My dad works for xbox and I’m gonna delete your system32 XD”


huh, well i guess i have been fooled.


Yeh, just a big misunderstanding.

Yea even Valve responded it is safe to play on matchmaking.

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im so tired of hearing this shit from every place i go to
seriously, its already been fixed for like a year

oh, i downloaded CS:GO yesterday :confused:

It’s fine, you can still play CS:GO safely. The entire situation was wayyyy blown out of proportion.
While it IS true that the source code leaked, you can’t send malicious code to other people with it. Old clients can’t even connect to verified servers.
Don’t stress about it, you can play GS:GO, you can play TF2, you can play any Source game just fine.


oh thanks