My true intentions

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Porn is porn. Even if it disgusts you, judging from how some of the sites are still up with some close or over a million images, I doubt it will go away ever. (Besides, it’s a rule of the internet, and you can’t change those.)

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i.can do it.

by breaking the 4th internet wall

takes away glasses vietnam flashbacks of guys blasting homestuck r34 in my server

bro get over it you’ll see worse

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bruh, as rohoph said, p-rn is p-rn, some people watch that, and you can’t limit it, just create a nsfw channel in your server lmao.

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they banned me from my own server. i promoted someone to admin and uhhhh i got banned from my own server

this happened on discord?, if so i dont think you can get banned from your own server.

you can if you transfer ownership of the server to someone else and then they ban you

yeah that makes sense.

did you create the server yourself? if so that shouldnt be possible afaik. idk if it is possible maybe just create a rank above all others for yourself alone and they shouldnt be able to ban you

off topic but how is this uncategorized? does flagging do that?

Shadow didn’t set a category. I’d know, I saw this when it was first posted.

I would put it in R&R if i was still regular.

Your welcome

Yes, but I transfered the ownership to a friend, but, well… F