My society,Softori

Hi ! Welcome on my new post ! I want to show you all,my society ! Softori

GitHub :
Website :
Discord :

Staff :
RegularAlessio (me)

If you want to join DM me on Discord : RegularAlessio#0001

Thanks for have read my post! Alessio
(i dont made messaging client anymore xD)


dont ask

If anyone is wondering if the same CatSpeak fuckery will happen.

No. And this will not replace Cloud Software.

Another project that will last a week :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats not because i have cancelled AleSpeak that all my project will last a week
Thats fake,so please stop,Softori will not make IM x)

No. And this will not replace Cloud Software.

Yeah that will not replace Cloud Software because Softori and CS are different things, We dont have link with Cloud Software,But PF94 is in the staff and there is a Cloud Software Staff role on the discord for show all the CS staff.

Someone need a website? :eyes:

Softori already has a website.

XPuser (Endermite) posted that yesterday.

fucking dumbass freenom

welcome.swf metadata:

<xmp:CreatorTool>Adobe Flash Professional CS6 - build 481</xmp:CreatorTool>

Explain plz :stuck_out_tongue:

I think that’s the program he used to create the animation with. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes thats the program that i use for the animation :stuck_out_tongue:

UPDATE : News from website : The site is now in construction

UPDATE : News for the Discord : I finally create my bot ! AlessioXP !

Some news guys ! :
Bienvenido, We have added french and spanish versions of softori website!


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When the application will be finished,it will be at :

Here a screenshot of the alpha :

Is it built with C++ or Visual Basic on Visual Studio 20(19?)? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Nojus ! Its build in in visual studio 2017