My pc is gonna have a very limited number existing in a few years

Lenovo recently announced that they have discontinued the Lenovo ideapad s130-11igm. apparently they will track down the unpurchased units and destroy them to make newer computers (even on amazon). i currently own one of these units, so in a few years, these may be hard to find.

how about clones?

Wh… Why? Why would they do that!?

because they are psychos.

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Destroy them? daing, must be a pc with many issues then

Nope, I have been using one of these laptops as my main for over a year and I’ve had no problems, it can even run hunt down the freeman

eh, ideapads are not that valuable. but thinkpads are

I couldn’t find it on my own, is there a link to read more about this?

But the idea of pulling stock, modifying it (I don’t think they’d destroy it though, maybe the box) and putting it back into the retail chain (maybe even sent to a different country) as fixed, upgraded or something else, is a certainly a thing that’s done.

And not just electronics either, I remember I got some bottlecaps once, and the box seemed thicker than normal. After some discovery, I figured out the outside box was fake and glued onto a totally different bottlecaps box within, except the real box had Spanish writing.