My monitor broke. what can I do

I turned on my monitor and the backlight turned on than turned off. I don’t have a spare or the tools to open it up. What can I do?!?!?

I think that’s a question that’s more suited for a forum that mainly focuses on that stuff.

I know I’m not helping, but really, look around this forum. There might be a minority willing to answer the question, but why on a forum that mainly focuses on IM/software talk, especially since the majority of users on here are geeks, not IT specialists (aside from @TReKiE lol).

Well, search in the PC for Screen reparing and run the program and the program will fix your screen :wink:

Probablemente sea un daño en el capacitor que actúa de balasto en el monitor, empieza por medir el voltaje pero sí o sí tendrás que destaparlo.

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I’m with Allen here, overall when I’ve seen monitor failures, bad caps have been the cause. Without any tools though, for a temporary fix, you might try unplugging it for 6-12 hours and then trying again.

TBH, I’ve been so accustomed to the fact that this is mainly an IM/software-centric forum that I may have jumped the gun. I’m not used to topic-specific forums even slightly going off-topic, so I guess my fight/flight senses got the best of me.

I would replace the capacitors and the backlight controller board. I really don’t know how you could fix this without opening it up. :cat2: :v