My latest project: Reviving classic ICQ clients - proudly hosted on TReXIoN


o vi iz rossij, kak priyatno
no vsё she hochu skazat` chto транслитом пишут только мудаки


пхаххахаа, ну я из Украины)


ще не вмерла кстати моя мама там жила :ukraine:


слушай, а кириллица через сервер этого чувака работает, проверил на Miranda NG и QIP 2005. это скорее всего из-за того, что у тебя Windows XP в Virtual Box английская и нету шрифтов русских.


Cyrillic works


шрифты как раз есть, кодировка видимо по умолчанию латинская стоит


Write, please, what versions of ICQ will support your server in future.


I did have plans to get the Mirabilis releases of ICQ working again, but that’s a different project altogether, and it requires some gateways to the more complex BOS servers (basically, they’re the core of ICQ and the now-defunct AIM service). It’d also requires more independent hosting, as this service is being hosted on one of my friends’ servers, and hosting a more fleshed out project like that would require a bit more servers, which is probably outside the scope of my friend’s plans with me. This is just to get my project off the water until I can get myself some hosting. :stuck_out_tongue:


so uhh, 1 month later, any updates yet?


I’m in the process of adding logging features to the server program to keep track of what goes on with the transports and to see if any issues occur. I’ll try to get it finished soon. Other than that, nothing else special.


So I got back from testing 2003b and 5.0, and both log in successfully, and without any auto-update messages, as a bonus. Unfortunately, the weird freezing issue is still there, and even when I added the ad service URL ICQ uses to HOSTS, the effects don’t go away. When I have more time I’ll see if the BOS has anything to do with this.



Someone copypasted this


Reminds me of those spam sites where they shove a bunch of random text in a webpage and squeeze an advertisement to a sketchy service in between it. Not really a good way for my service to get attention. :confused:


Yeah, I will try to run a VirusTotal scan to see if it has viruses in it. :stuck_out_tongue:

QUICK EDIT: It turns out that there are no viruses at all.



Got to the site and saw this.


wait ICQ is LIKE AIM

why do you need their API?

BTW: why is there firefox like addon icon on some of escargot memebers?
BTW2: thinking of open sourcing your Proxy?

Now you now 4 languages :slight_smile:, good boy (really you have to have logic in place (which you do) as you can always learn a new language as they are pretty similar :slight_smile:)


I need their clientLogin API to retreive the BOS server older clients need to use the ICQ service.

They share the same protocol (ICQ did by its 2000a release), but they were still different from each other. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been considering it for a while, but I’ve contemplating whether it should be released as a Windows service project or a regular C# project. Either way, after I code the next server-side update, I’ll see about open-sourcing the server. :maple_leaf:


BTW: Which Visual Studio version are you using?


Originally used 2010 for the initial build, but I’ve recently upgraded to 2017.


How do you connect to the server? Using ICQ 2001b and I see no option for changing server settings.