My horrible history on ROBLOX

Totally useless thread but eh

in 2015 (when i was 5), i joined Roblox as an Guest, and i’ve played a lot on my dad Galaxy gran Prime

in 2016, i finally created an account, that was pedro??? (? being a number that i don’t remember)

and in late-2016, my account got hacked (somehow i thinked that it was some of my school colleague, Samuel, he even told me the password, but i always forget it, recently i found him when i was getting back from School)

after that i stopped playing Roblox until 2019

in January-2019 i created a new ROBLOX account, trying to play again, i played alot of games, Prison Life, Jailbreak, Zombie Rush and etc

and in Agust 2019, Roblox got an update that made it more heavier that my pc couldn’t run it anymore, end


lol it sometime takes awhile for someone to find your thread

I started playing roblox on my brothers phone during 2015-2016, then made an account on April 11th 2016

I’m actually one of the people who joined roblox at a very young age. I joined roblox in mid-2013, when i was 6.

i joined in roblx on 2015-2016 and stop to play it a very long time ago

why nobody read it?

because is your history is crige, without the HORRIBLE part like on the title

Because nobody gives a fuck about Roblox.

this, but cut out the last two words