My formal apology

This is bob_smith, yes, that bob_smith.

This is a formal apology to the entire classic IM community as far as this message reaches, I have wronged many of you and probably spurred drama, and for that I am extremely sorry for any insults/damage I’ve done or helped with, I was going through a hard time with family issues and general mental instability even though there’s no excuse, it does however deeply sadden me that a community I had been so closely connected to and apart of has now basically blocked me on every end so I have no real way to contact anybody.

I would like to personally apologize to anyone I offended with my homophobic remarks made in the Escargot server which were clearly unacceptable and I have now completely abandoned all past opinions of that nature, I would especially like to apologize to tonyshowoff and the entire admin team on the AIM/NINA Discord server as the behavior I had shown off was entirely toxic and attempting to ban evade was foolish of me as it got me pretty much nowhere, and just caused all the admins trouble.

I understand that my behavior was unacceptable and I dissapointed the most of the people I had developed friendships with, but I really want to be apart of the community again, I and my behavior have changed over time, I am developing a more positive less edgy personality mostly thanks to my girlfriend, and everyday I’m trying to improve myself.

I enjoyed being a part of your communities and I really miss them, I am again extremely sorry, I understand a simple apology won’t fix everything and I’d love to be unbanned from the Escargot server to talk this over but I know that’s a topic I need to discuss with their moderators and I swear honest to god to the AIM/NINA server nothing like what I had done will ever happen again.

Best wishes, bob_smith#4096

I choose not to return to MG for my own personal reasons, but if anyone has any idea on how I can contact walkingphasers or ppcb or pretty much anyone to discuss getting back into the Escargot server that would be greatly appreciated.

if your banned you never gonna get unbanned believe me.
i’m also banned cause of a server stuff

walkingphasers, nor ppcb are in the discord server anymore (you already know this but i’m posting this anyway because Pringles)

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