My drive died :(

So, my old Maxtor 250 GB died during a backup. I replaced it with a WD Blue 500 GB HDD, but the Maxtor one, died and smoked all over, doing a bad smell. The chip burned, and no matter how much SATA connectors I put, it won’t work. Please always use a drive bay for backing up a drive. (i am now a f*ck that i didnt realize.) RIP 2020-2021. #backupresponsibly

i didnt have a warranty, my brother had it

and then gave it to me

and the sticker was still there

Oh my god, that’s bad.

I am sorry to hear that your drive died.


dont open that

WTF? my message got deleted :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Status:confused :neutral_face:

Deleted for good reasons of course.

how it’s done

i didnt even lie. the chip burned for real. and even did a bad smell. today the smell seems to be almost gone, but the chip died. i can probably find a way to replace it, but don’t want to.

i know you werent lying

what did i say?