My contact list doesn't update

I noticed my contact list doesn’t update after signing in. For example, if someone updates his or her nickname, personal message or status, those changes don’t reflect on my contact list unless I sign out and sign in again. I tested this by asking someone to change his nickname to something else and see if I could see the change and I couldn’t. I tried adding myself to test more easily and I proved it doesn’t change.

I was initially using 7.5, but upgraded to 8.5 to see if the problem persisted and it does. I tried uninstalling Messenger Plus and it doesn’t work either. I also tried reinstalling Messenger, unsuccessfully. I made another account to see if it was my account the one with the problem, but the problem is present on that new account as well. I thought it might be lag, but I left my
secondary account in busy around an hour ago and it still shows as online on my other account’s contact list, I restarted Messenger and it immediately showed the other account as busy.

I’m running Windows 7 Ultimate x64.

Is this a known limitation of Escargot or I’m being particularly unlucky here? I don’t remember reading anything about this problem anywhere. Some people report their contact list missing or unavailable, but mine just doesn’t update after I sign in.

By the way, it would be nice to have a place where people can read what features are currently implemented/working and which ones are not. That data is probably scattered throughout the forums here, but a section on the main page would be very useful, particularly for newcomers.


that’s strange, i normally get only adding contact problems, and thats on 8.5 only for me, don’t understand whats happening to you this time

Geez, that’s very nice. Is this whole community as shitty as you or you are an exception?