My Backblaze one year review: 70% data loss unexplained, mediocre software, distrust

Thought I’d mention this here. I posted an in-depth review of Backblaze personal backup on my blog, from how they lost 71% (4.2 TB) of my backed up data, to the technical details of the mediocre software, and in general how you can’t trust them.

Luckily I didn’t use them as a primary backup, so all the Messenger files are still safe :stuck_out_tongue:


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it seems that it’s time to include the VPN, and even more annoying was the announcement of the elections on March 18. by the way, these elections appear everywhere, then in the train, then in the school, then in the shops, everywhere

so there are also viruses on the android called “growth point” which is asked to install all students of the Russian Federation

In all universities of the Samara region, students are required to download the application Point of Growth, which is positioned as a student navigator for events and events relevant to students. And in fact it is only a check for elections.
Students are forced to put him at risk of expulsion, transfer to a paid basis and all this is here.
They say that the application leads a hidden shadowing and other fucking. On Google Play, the application has a bunch of twisted fives, the rest are units.
_Original: Telegram: Contact @dvachannel

Nice blog post. Agreed with everything you said. :wink:

Backblaze seems to have pretty poor infrastructure plans with their data storage, along with shoddy customer support, assuming that their problems are your cause. And the fact that this company has existed for 5+ years shocks me!

As for their application development, they seem to break every basic rule of Win32 programming. The hacky “threading” is so amatuerish that only someone who hasn’t touched the Win32 API at all would use several copies of the same program each to “thread” something.

I have never thought that tray icons had to be reinitalized after the taskbar was refreshed. Plan to keep that in mind when I get into Win32 C++ programming. :stuck_out_tongue:

The almost constant XML reading to determine the backup status just makes me speechless. The fact that they’d use another hacky way of doing basic things in Win32 C++ just makes me laugh. :stuck_out_tongue:

In short, I had laughs, and I also kept some knowledge for the future. :stuck_out_tongue:

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but I do not bother with the data. if there are very important data - I always fill in telegram or MEGA

Sorry about that, I did at one point pay WordPress to remove the ads, but as my blog readership went down, I’d rather just pay them to redirect the URL elsewhere. Unfortunately, in order to do that, I have to fix up some old bugs with comments and some links introduced when Microsoft’s not-so-great tool moved the blog from MSN/WIndows Live Spaces, so that’s another long-term project that I need to finish. Also I figure a lot of people use ad blockers anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

Just wondering, what happens if you go to university but don’t have/can’t afford a mobile?


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