MSN Messenger Not uninstalling

I tried MSN Messenger 1.0 and i can’t uninstall it.
Operating system: Windows 7
Computer Model: Emachines E732ZG

since older msn is less annoying with uninstalling, try going to c:/program files (x86) or just program files if your running 32 bit windows, and deleting the msn messenger service folder

do you tried to run uninstaller as adminitrator?

go to program files x86 from your disk if you using a computer 64 bit
but if you using a computer 32 bit just go to the program files folder from your disk
than find “Messenger” Folder and just delete it
after that
search MSN in start menu you will see MSN Messenger Service click"Open File Location"
than delete the Msn Messenger Service
Do That again
Download another msn build (recommended 2009)
It will be deleted but you will se everytime in the Control Panel