MSN Love! official site


maybe it will be useful.
@MSN-messengeris-cool :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes its really useful.But i would change the name to Windows Messenger Patcher sounds better to me :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey, well uhhh… Avast said your file was unusual when i tried launching it so i let them take the file, and they tested it and found nothing, which is good. So your program should hopefully not be flagged as a virus or anything.


What does the patcher do?


It patches the MSN 4.7 automatically. Write in regedit and change the msgr file to the patched file. (Basicly if you write the regedit at MessengerService the MSN 4.7 will still not working.


Yeah same here :stuck_out_tongue:


Yap cause MSN Love is not popular and it is not checked yet. In MSN Love theres’nt any virus. You can check the Source code. You should disable Avast OR add to exception.


oh… i knew it was safe cause it was on here. if it wasn’t, people would say not to download it. also i trust people on here.


not really if a program is not popular that doesnt mean that AVs detect it as a virus.
maybe there is something in the code which is detected as a virus


Check the source code if you dont believe me.


i never said i dont believe you :stuck_out_tongue:


probably because of the information about it like the author and stuff. They don’t know if he is a trusted developer and that it isn’t malicious. So they worry (Better safe than sorry) and they scan and see if it’s okay. Just normal stuff. gonna goto av testing site to see if others say its bad.


This is the only Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware that says your application is dangerous. 1 out of 68 anti-virus/Anti-Malware Engines say it’s bad/malicious. Never heard of tipmine though.


i think messenger love should have A-patch with it


rip msn love 2018-2018


What a sad story :\


@Balazs_V commeted a error


I reuploaded it guys!