MSN live cross platform?

Now that I have the MSN live messenger connected and working, will it work cross-platform? I know that there is a tab for facebook and for other things, but can I add contacts from other services such as facebook and yahoo messenger to my MSN live messenger contact list? Or do I need to get people to download MSN live messenger from escargot to talk to them?

probably not facebook, as facebook connect is discontinued
yahoo possibly using the yahoo module of Escargot Server.

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Ok, that is what I thought might be the case. I am limited to communicating to those using programms (msn messenger, etc) on the Escarbot server. Guess I will just have to get people on here then :stuck_out_tongue:

No, or not yet. I have heard Escargot developers are working on a cross-platform which will allow MSN and Yahoo clients to communicate together.

welcome back, deathlife.

*any supported protocol/frontend

In Escargot’s next server update, there will be not only cross-platform compatibility with Yahoo! Messenger for the MSN frontend, but for any other frontend introduced to the server. So any protocol Escargot supports, it’ll be able to talk to the other protocols, and with little to no noticeability or difficulty. I’m sure your friends will find a frontend to talk to you on when the time comes. :slight_smile: