MSN is slowly killing messenger. We need an alternative


It’s only a matter of time before they take down all the the servers… It’s already clear that people who have certain versions need to find alternatives and it has been mentioned that microsoft is phasing out servers.

So… I really do think we need to try to remake the old app, Similar or as close as possible, because it won’t be too much longer till this just is gone. Parts are falling off more and more… It may not be perfect but considering this is clearly slowly phasing away it would be a good idea for a remade version to be brought into service… I would do it but I can’t code.

Just an idea for people who are skilled at this sort of thing. Because soon we’ll all loose this and unless someone makes a replica we will loose it for good in just a matter of time.


MSNP21 Protocol is still alive and working. I’m sorry, but there is no evidence that Microsoft is turning it off. Where did you saw that Microsoft is “phasing out servers”? They will not do this since Messenger use the same servers as Skype.

There is a fair amount of evidence that MSNP21 will still work. They had not blocked the protocol on the internal servers. There is some people here in the forum scared due to the fact that some servers have red crosses on port 443 and MSNP21 ports, but those servers are just offline for maintenance and that happens VERY often.

Can Jonathan please confirm this information? Where is mentioned that Microsoft is “phasing out servers”?


“I’m sorry to report that this Thursday’s update ends the last bit of
trickery for any clients prior to Windows Live Messenger 2012 (MSN
Protocol Version 21).”

“If you’re using Windows XP, Mac OS X, Linux, or any other
non-Microsoft Messenger client (…) you will need to either use Skype or the
web-based client in”

So I repeat… even if they are still keeping the servers for one version, that doesn’t change the fact that many MANY users have mentioned that things are quite shaky using MSN messenger itself. And also many people are SOL.

So my post still stands.


They probably turned off the other older protocols because they did not support HTTPS (Port 443) on their respective clients.

This is not proof of anything, since problems with Messenger are VERY common and happened very often, even when Messenger was officially supported. Jonathan once said that Sign In issues are the number one issue that people requested help in the past. If some people are having problems with Messenger does not mean that it’s Microsoft disabling the servers, because problems ALWAYS happened in the past and I can tell you that because I use Messenger for more than a decade.

If MSNP21 Protocol was to be shutdown then there would be no point for Jonathan in wasting his time developing Butterfly Messenger and so a bunch of other people developing programs also based on MSNP21 like BitlBee git , etc. Some guys here in the forums are simply scared because of some red crosses on ismsndeadyet website and are spreading misinformation. Hopefully Jonathan will say something about this.


You still haven’t said anything about the fact that not only is it officially stated that a large group of people have no choice but to use skype, nor have you mentioned that the older clients, many of which being far more popular then 12, are now officially dead.

So, once again, my post stands. There should be something developed still to work for these people. Not to mention there are plenty of the old features now unusable, which is what I mean by things being shaky. So using the old application is more akin to a skeletal version of what I said.

Your pushing that they’re not ending MSNP21 Protocol has nothing to do with my original post of an old looking messenger copy being made. (though by the looks of it, that’s what Butterfly is supposed to replicate, though I’ve not looked to far into it)


Well Microsoft will most likely take msnp21 down one day anyway.
The only reason why msnp18 has survived this long, has everything to do with China.

Microsoft had stated stop supporting wlm for China aswell at the end of 2014.
And a few months after that, they took MSNP18 down, co-incidence?
i dont think so.

With the new upcomming launch of Windows 10, which has allot of build in feutures for microsoft outlook accounts.
i´m pretty sure, they are having other plans with the messenger servers.
I think that MS has allready a new protocol ready over https, which they are going to setup on the servers.

So like i said, im pretty sure Microsoft will take down msnp21 at one day.