MSN in web browser

Hello im just wondering how I could use my MSN in a web browser :grinning:

There’s no real option right now. Perhaps in the future there’ll be something available to satisfy your needs.

Hi :grinning: i just found this

Lol never expected Banana to be brought up again. One, that’s unfinished and doesn’t even support talking to contacts. Two, you’d have to set that up manually since the client relies on a framework to operate. Other than that, there aren’t any real options for web-based MSN/Escargot clients right now.

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I’ve found an online WLM client that works on PSP with Fvista, qn crappy HTML version of Vista for PSP, but it also has Y!MSNGR, ill find my psp amd send the archive link (if ever exists)

From what I’m understanding those are all PSP though. OP simply asked for a client that works on any desktop web browser.

I believe sending messages is almost done but needs some work.

Any luck with finding that archive? :smile:

That was Pedrox, not me. Plus as I said before those are all for PSP only from how Pedrox worded it, so it isn’t enough of a solution to me.

small side note but if anything banana is for trolling

right now anyway

yeah for some reason its on the escargot gitlab so people can just change it up to make an actual web client