MSN Explorer


Ohh Download Metro Explorer




it have the new logo tho, but i guess this is the only change it received


w a t


:wink: Isn’t that a MS-paint drawing?

Because the site looks like this…

#41 is a completely different website from what you claim it hosts.

Also no one’s falling for that crude drawing:


lol I could draw better


Ohh Download Aero Explorer


uh, I know you’re mocking OP, but rude


it says “jk plz dont” so?


are you guys even trying? lol this is more unfunny than 2017 memes


I don’t even remember 2017 memes other than fidget spinners. First of all i was trying to make a joke based on a “fake software made in mspaint”. It’s like that other “MSN Messenger” project that had a fuck-ton of design concepts and then nobody cared after the last reply was posted.

And maybe some of Leo’s imagination projects relating to MSN…

I need another pair of glasses? I’m currently wearing glasses and i call myself a nerd.


Am I the only one that noticed that? Lol, you guys definitely need glasses :stuck_out_tongue:


I wasn’t referring to you. I was referring to the others.


Anyways the previously mentioned MSN Explorer installation from the 36th reply… It’s now sitting right here. In this same hard drive also sits my Half Life games. Which i decided to seperate from the reason of my other steam games because why not?

Oh. Yeah… Off topic but i fell a bit sad that people treated Leo… poorly. I mean he was treated almost like chrischan all of these years ago.

well we’ve got 49 replies about a forgotten MSN software inside 1 single post… Interesting…

Hmm… The post got hidden… Alright so that’s why this post is dead…


@Azeem_Hadzrie So are you going to reply or no? It’s because well… I saw you typing before the post went hidden…

Well… Rest in peace post… January 12 2019 to Janaury 12 2019…


Can i Download ( Setup (


You Works for Windows XP,Vista,7 and 8.1


Nope. But Bütrfly Xplodlr is available for donlüd at le

Works with Windows 9x, 2000, and XP+, MS-DOS and CP/M. :wink:


That’s the post i’ve been waiting for. A ms-paint drawing…

The thing is you’re trying to troll but from the first picture i can tell it’s ms-paint. Only MSPaint has “spray”.


So a hidden post turned into a shitpost land…


shit i have 12 does it work with windows 12?


Oh Okay