“msn 32”, “msn 17”



Yeah, those are DEFINITELY trolls.

Another conclusion that is realistic but less plausible is that someone made a client that just feeds a version identifier akin to MSN’s, but with incremented numbers or something like that. :stuck_out_tongue:




I swear, it’s not me

Glad to see more trolls though :smiley:


thanks mr. finobe :triumph:


And this is a good thing how?


wait, trolls are running MSN messenger?


I personally think so!


Yeah, I know. But how is this nonsense good all of a sudden?


it means custom version strings


I mean, I wouldn’t mind that, especially if there are third-party clients authenticating. But @Raymonf stated that he’s glad there are more troll connections stating they’re from MSN clients. That’s what intrigues me.


msn version 69.101.4200.0666




it was meant to be a joke. like actual trolls are what I was looking for



( one day later ) msn 987356728465.092376135725648036.902146729365347


hey guys im cool i smash my number keys lololo 78374357347535695698572349862486364589163


LOL :laughing:


Because there was always this guy authenticating with MSN 15.x and actually sending messages. That doesn’t work.

This is proof.

Either way, I’m not convinced that someone wrote a MSNP21 compatibility layer for MSNP<=15.