MSN 1.0 Error when boot my PC

My computer is a Windows 7.
When i boot my computer and load my profile it show me an error like “Microsoft ##### isn’t installed on this computer” ( i can’t get screenshot sorry )

Someone know how to fix that ?

MSN 1 doesn’t support windows 7 or you dont activates your compatibility for old versions

msn messenger 1.0 does work on windows 7.

press f for respects

what are you talking about, shadow. ancient versions of msn messenger do work on windows 7 and newer.

Yes it work, but it’s when i boot my PC, something appear like an error “Microsoft Messenger ####” ( i don’t know exactly the error ) but yes it work ! it’s just it try to load something or idk. . :frowning:

Maybe if you post here the actual error we can help you u.u

rly? i tried this doesn’t work