MSN 1.0-4.0 users, anyone wanna join my groupchat?

umm…ok. thanks

ok :

stop posting emails here please, this group chat is long dead, and this user is inactive on discord and msn

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MSN 1.0-4.0 wont work on my pc (keeps causing my pc to hang and blue screen) the earliest version of msn messenger that works on my computer (Windows 10) is MSN Messenger 5.0
anyway heres my msn:

sure add me :slight_smile:

my email is

Also don’t spam ramdom things in chat.

mE ToO

i dont use msn messenger 1.0 to 4.0 but my windows neptune does here’s my address:

I’m using 7.5, but sure.

I use wlm 09, idk if it’s gonna work but here’s my mail anyway