MS BOB might be coming back

check it out! Microsoft BOB is coming back.

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I never knew about it until I was surfing the web about Microsoft stuff. this is something they should be watching out for. their sales will drop if it fails like last time. people didn’t like Microsoft BOB back then and they probably won’t like now. if people do like it then they have succeeded with Microsoft BOB. I don’t like the way this feels as it’s only 3 to 4 years later with this article out.
it’s not something I mess with. I have Microsoft bob installed on my VM but it’s not like I enjoy it.
I just have it installed because it gives me something to do while there might not be anything else interesting to do for me. I might not want to play a Lord Of The Rings game or write a book on my computer. it all has something to do with interest for me and nothing to do with what I have from back then in my childhood. it’s just something of interest as I said above. :stuck_out_tongue:

some reason i feel like irony hasn’t hit you yet.

yeah, I don’t care. if it isn’t re-releasing then slap on the mouth to who posted that article causing me to put it on the forum.

If this article was posted three years ago and Microsoft still hasn’t at least told us they are working on a new version of it, it’s probably not going to come. The program wasn’t even popular when it came out years ago, so rereleasing it would be pointless.

there that’s better than that other article. :stuck_out_tongue:

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