Moar Live Writer! HYPE


Get ready for part 2 of Live Writer Hype Train! :stuck_out_tongue:
Live Writer '08 BETA: Same as Live Writer '08 Final
Live Writer '09:

Live Writer '11 - Live Writer '12:
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how do i patch


Same on Open Live Writer, but instead of clicking “Wordpress” on step 1, you click “Other blog service”.


thanks. do i just type the escargot spaces address or do i type the address of my blog


Type in the address of the blog itself.


i did. now i’m stuck on “blog type”


Select Wordpress 2.2+.


what do i type in the bottom part?


The address of the blog and “/xmlrpc2.php”.


it said “there was an error connecing to your blog”


It did work on my side tho. :stuck_out_tongue:


does it matter what version i use


Yup. :stuck_out_tongue:


what version do i use
i’m using the one from the wle 2009 installer


I actually do use 2009.



OK, I see the issue. Delete the text in the bottom part and type, and replace BLOGNAME with the name of the blog (which in fact, is your username).


thanks. that worked