Miiverse is Dead! wait no..!

Since miiverse service ended the last year there been some projects for revive miiverse, Miiverse bad copys (mostly named as miiverses NEO) but today is the release of public beta of Foxverse! Foxverse its a Miiverse clone that actually have miiverse assets! for now the beta is for 3Ds only… but in the future they look to support Wii U and Website!
take a look to 3ds communities! https://3ds.foxverse.xyz/communities

if you want to know how 2 patch your 3ds contact me!

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS , i miss miiverse so much finally i have other one to use :smiley:

UPDATE: the servers are down because maintance and moving to a better version

NEW: the wii u will be supported