MessengerGeekia Thread [now closed]

Link to wiki:

This used to be THE thread for discussing all things MessengerGeekia, however, we’ve decided to just abandon and close this thread due to how irrelevant MessengerGeekia has become to MessengerGeek and how pointless a forum thread for a controversal wiki is.

We’ve decided to merge the discord with the 2003tech (formerly known as Cloud Software) Discord 2.0 server. The reason is to make moderation more easier.


Notice: This may or may not (in that case, it’ll be deleted) be rebranded to a 2003tech Telegram in March 18th, 2020, as seen below in the roadmap.

Avoiding confusion

Also, for avoiding surprises and confusion, here’s a part of the 2003tech Merge Roadmap.





I’m currently having some headaches of copying some Wikipedia templates to MessengerGeekia.

Since apparently Special:Import can only be used by Shoutwiki staff, I have to copy and paste every thing, even the modules.

Also you’re welcome creating pages, shitty or not, as this wiki is pretty new

Oh and if anyone was interested on how the FANDOM version of MessengerGeekia (now discontinued), Here it is,, just don’t bother creating shit there. i’ll try to request FANDOM to close it.

Oh and, the logo is a “placeholder” until i find someone gifting me a logo for MessengerGeekia, i am not going to stay with the actual MessengerGeek logo.


Another update, I reused Wikipedia’s Common.css (for making the mbox look like a mbox) and TCRF’s Vector.css (as a placeholder before i start making the bases of the wiki’s apparance.) for making everything work.

I made new early-placeholder icons

30 minutes later, and now the theme is starting to look like the MG forum!

Don’t forget to theme the default theme (old Wikia theme)

how do i default another theme pls help

The old wikia theme will not be supported. It’s going to be Vector and Monobook.

I’ll be contacting Shoutwiki staff later.

signed up for an acc…who the fuck took Ratking, clearly I am the cooler_ratking

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I have managed to kind of theme the default ShoutWiki theme.

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Chrome doesn’t generate a password

Can you remove the captchas? I could only make my account because I luckily got a good captcha.

Buy glasses.

my vision is fine, the captchas are sooooooooo blurry


i could read them fine

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the register ones?
cus they looked blurry to me, and nothing else looks blurry
like, i couldn’t tell characters apart

then get your vision checked, christ

stop trying to pass the blame, the captchas are luckbased and the images are blurred to a degree that makes them illegible.

We also can’t remove the captchas since when you create an account on Geekia it also creates it on ShoutWiki.

We can’t, This is all managed by Shoutwiki. If you can’t sign up due to the captcha (which i never saw), Then just edit with a VPN. It’s that simple.

Yeah no, dont use a vpn, it was used on mine_master’s vandals.