Messenger Plus?

So I’ve used Messenger Reviver 2 and use Windows Live Messenger 2012. I’m pretty sure that at some point yesterday, my Messenger Plus! disappeared because I don’t have it anymore today and I’m not sure why. My character limit is down so I can only send short messages and my messenger no longer records my messages like it used to (the flashing red dot in the corner of my window is also gone).
Does anyone know how to get Messenger Plus! back?

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Hey man, unfortunately I’ve already tried this! It seems to download just fine but it doesn’t take - it never actually shows up on my messenger.

really?? ask jonathan maybe he can help you

As has been stated before, this is usually due to having an NVidia chipset. For some reason, new driver updates break MSG Plus integration. Unfortunately, the maker has decided to discontinue that app and has chosen not to fix this issue or to make the source code public.

I wish someone could figure out how to patch it to fix this as I have been without MSG Plus for many months now as well.