Messenger not working

I installed WLMessenger via Reviver and when i write my e-mail & password it looks like that is loading but it come back with “Enter e-mail address and password to log in” HELP :’(

your e-mail works? did you try to log in from

Yes it works, i created it at end-2010 :confused:

try with butterfly messenger Butterfly Messenger | Jonathan Kay, MessengerGeek

(extract it,open and log in with your e-mail and password)

and write back if you can log in or not.

“Butterfly” lol the guy who created this word has seen a flying butter stick ? :joy: :joy: :joy:

Freezes every 2 seconds -_- and it spams me with " wants to be friend"

I re-installed WLM 2012 and it works! Now i just have to add friends ._. i want to add my father but he will say “omg full of viruses !!”

first of all butterfly messenger is a beta program so thats it ‘‘freezes’’ sometimes!!!
its a very good program and its more good sometimes to search for something and then write things :slight_smile:

second the ‘‘spam’’ you say is not a spam its contacts invitations IF you have a lot of invites you shoud wait to load them all and then add by clicking ‘‘accept’’

its good that you fixed messenger anyway.

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I want to add friends in WLM but i know nobody for :frowning:

add them manually by adding one by one the e-mails

I know how to but i find nobody for talk with me

If you want to talk with me add:


Windows Live Messenger started to log me out then log me in again about 5 minutes period constantly since yesterday. I’m not logged in in a different location only through WLM 2012.

@Mercury please make a new thread for this :unamused:

You are right. I only noticed the topic title and your first post about login problem and decided to write my own problem however it is different but still related to login somehow.
Sorry if I disturbed you or anyone.