Messenger geek in internet explorer 8

Can anyone make this site compatible with internet explorer 8?

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But it’s 2017…

problem ?

Yes, I have a problem. Most sites stopped caring for IE8 YEARS ago and webdevs are starting to phase out even IE11…

well , internet explorer 11 is my main browser

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You, sir, need a better browser…

no , internet explorer 11 is fast , stable and a GREAT browser

and Microsoft still update it ( internet explorer 11 )

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Only security fixes. It’s dead.

you are wrong

I’m pretty sure I know what I’m talking about, but you’re right - I could be wrong.

Haven’t seen any new features in IE recently.

features … yeah , but its 100% usable

Not for long!

Fun fact: I’ve already stopped IE testing completely.


That’s not a fact. A fact would be Edge being superior. lol

IE11 has a bunch of weird issues in which you need to write code SPECIFICALLY to fix. For example, flexbox is literally broken and doesn’t match the correct behaviour.

EdgeHTML is light-years ahead of Trident even though it’s still not great. Edge may miss some new features, but it’s at least better than IE in that regard. For example, SVG animations aren’t supported in Edge…? note that they’re not supported in IE either k?

If you feel lag using Edge, you need an SSD. I know it sounds really stupid to bring storage into the equation, but that’s the thing: Windows 10 CANNOT run well on a hard drive.

As for Edge, though… yeah, I don’t think I care enough about its users. You know, just like IE. :slight_smile:

well at least ie 11 dont crash all time like edge ( and ie 11 are fast so iam happy to use it )

That’s the thing… Edge doesn’t crash all the time.

this is the why i dont use Windows 10 also WINDOWS 10 IS SLOW IN SSD TOO :rage:

No, it’s not…?