Messenger crashes

Hello, I made an escargot account yesterday…

Problem description: Some things make the program crash, it just closes without saying anything, it happens when I click on some of the buttons like the e-mail inbox, or when I want to open a chat with someone. Today I tried to add a friend but he appears as offline and can’t open the chat, he probably has the same problem as me from what he’s told me.

Error code/error message: None, messenger just closes

What has been tried so far: I’ve closed and reopened the program and my computer, I just have no ida what to try

Messenger version: MLW 8.5, patched

Windows version: Windows 10

I haven’t been able to do anything since one day when I downloaded it, the version I used when I was a kid was the 2009 edition which I hope to get to see again (and be able to use).
Thanks in advance.


I should also mention this, it appears everytime I open messenger but it doesn’t seem to do anything, nevertheless, it may be important.

“error in the script of this page
Line 94
Character 3
It cannot get the property “home” of nule reference or undefined
Code 0
Do you want to keep executing scripts on this page? Yes/No”

The mail only works with Windows Live Mail and Offline Messaging is not supported(or will be in the next major update)