Messenger Contact communication problem

I have been getting a weird issue with some contacts lately. They stop showing in Messenger and I can only re-add them with Butterfly messenger. Afterwards, in Butterfly Messenger it shows two separate contacts for them and I am unable to delete one of them.

One of the contacts shows as the “ClientType” “WindowsLive”, the other shows a “ClientType” of “OfficeCommunicator” and is always offline.

In addition, in messenger, I am only able to email some of the contacts that are like this. When they message me, it shows as if it is coming from “Microsoft Lync” even though they are logged to Skype using their live account (an email address).

I can actually start instant messaging with them using Butterfly Messenger which causes the conversation to show in Live Messenger. I can then continue with them in Live Messenger, but I am unable to start there.

Anyone know what the issue is or how to fix it.
It is really causing pain for me.

Thank you,

1)each one will delete their contact from wlm and log off from wlm

2))reset completely windows live messenger 2012 by deleting:
C:/Users/(your user name)/AppData/Local/Microsoft/Messenger—>all the files within it.

C:/Users /(your user name)/AppData/Roaming/Microsoft/MSN Messengger/—>all the files within it

C:/Users/(your user name)/AppData/Local/Temp–>all the files with in it

RESET butterfly myssenger by deleting: C:/Users/(your user name)/AppData/Local/Butterfy Messenger -->all the files with in it,

2)dont log in YET on wlm

  1. ,wait 24 hours and then,add each other with butterfly messenger.

3)log in on wlm.

I actually got close without that. Multiple copies of the contact showed up in messenger & I deleted all of them & then re-added with Butterfly Messenger. It shows up correctly, but keeps telling me the msg could not be delivered when I send something. I imagine that the 24 delay allows the MS servers time to sync up and eliminates part of the issue.
I will try your way this weekend.

Note that the other user actually uses Skype, not messenger, so I will just try it on my side first.

Thank you.

if you like you can add me on to test cause you tell that you dont have anyone on your contacts who use wlm.

i use only windows live messenger

I do have one that uses messenger, but I have no problem communicating with him.

Adding/removing contacts ---------->Users using Skype will need to use another Messenger client (like Butterfly Messenger or web-based iwantim) to accept