Messenger 4.7 on XP

I want to use mesenger 4.7 and i made an account i made the registry edit and i tried to login and its saying that the NET.service was not found when i login.

you used the instructions on the site:

The later versions of 4.7 use a newer authentication and the registry fix won’t work.

Instead, install 4.6, it’ll replace 4.7 and you can sign in after that. Also of note, you’ll have to re-apply the registry change/restart Messenger after 4.6 install.

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Is messenger 4.7 preinstaled with xp will work with a registry edit?

nope , you need other version of 4.7 to work

What version?


I will try it! thanks

I installed ie8 and messenger 4.6 and its saying that NET.service was not found

Also of note, you will need “Old MSN support” enabled on your account. Reset your password and select the option on to do this.

I did it

And its still the same!

I even tried 4.5 version

that 4.6 Works in Windows 7 ?

But mine is XP!

i asked that because i want to use it in my Windows 7 , well it dont worked

Run in compitability mode Windows XP SP3

These older versions have a scroll bar problem sometimes on Win7, if that’s what you’re referring to. 4.5 is a little better with not having that issue in my experience, alternatively maximizing the conversation windows can also be a workaround (although success is hit or miss really).

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there was already a similar topic Msn 4.7.2009 wont log on

Where to find Msn messenger 4.7.0105?

you can find that version here escargot downloads