Messages will randomly stop sending

Excuse me for (maybe) posting this in the wrong place, I’m super new to this community, and can’t quite find my way around yet >_<

Problem description:
Messages will just randomly stop sending. I can still receive messages, but mine just stop sending.
I logged on today, had a small conversation with a friend of mine, everything worked fine. I wanted to send them something a couple hours later, but none of my messages wanted to send :
They were online and everything, I could message them on Discord just fine, WLM just wouldn’t let me send anything.
This happened last night too, and I thought it was just weird server maintenance or something.

Error code/error message:
The only message I get is The following message could not be delivered to all recipients:

What has been tried so far:
Of course I tried restarting my computer, the program, restarting my router. I just can’t figure out what’s going on.

Messenger version:
The latest version, on the Escargot site, I clicked the green box that says “Download recommended version WLM version 8.5”

Windows version:
Windows 10

Again, I’m sorry if this is in the wrong place, I’m still new to this.

EDIT: While combing through options, I saw this . Does anybody know if this has anything to do with it?


actually, I’ve ran into an error like this before with some of my friends; not exactly sure if I can replicate it atm, but it might have to do with their PC being in sleep mode? not sure.

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I don’t think their PC is in sleep mode though, they’re active in Discord chats. And even last night, they could send messages to me just fine, my messages wont send to them for some reason.

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hm, I haven’t a clue what’s going on then.

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are you pressing enter to send messages

Yeah, I am

try clicking the send button on your conversation window

i’ve tried that before. doesn’t work

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all i can say is use an older version of wlm. 7.5 dosent have this problem

I think it’s a problem on my end, not the version I use. Like maybe a port is being weird, or my firewall is being weird. Idk what it is for sure though

its a bug with wlm 8.x.


Ok it looks like that WAS the issue LOL, or at least it seems like it
I can message my other friends just fine, it’s just an issue with the 1 person :\ maybe it’s something on their end?

Unfortunately typically this problem is on the server and you’re definitely not the only one. I would say I usually myself in this situation several times a week on average. Sometimes there’s no problem at all.

I can say too that the server performance overall this week has been pretty poor. Multiple restarts, and sign-ins prevented.

This has usually been the case in my experience. Just having your contact sign out and back in usually works, or even restarting Messenger, if you want to cover all the less likely possibilities too.


Ohh okay, thank you so much :heart: