MeowMSN is back!

So im gonna explain,i basically ask WindowsXPCat2008 if i can have MeowMSN brand since i have an VPS that im not using.

The twitter :

So im gonna revive MeowMSN !

(Using source code of escargot like old MeowMSN !)

ah shit here we go again worst place of the world MG revivals

let him do what he wants

I do what i want,you are not part of my life.

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Its just an virtual screen.

wouldn’t the “meow” part remind us of catspeak? that project me and you were in before it back fired into drama that had some long-lasting results?

@RegularAlessio okay i know but let’s if this will be completed


Hey can i remember you that i grow ? MeowMSN is not related with catspeak so nope,and this is an msn server.

New logo ! :smiley:

Also,do i make a weebly site (More easier) or do i (try) code the website ?

  • Weebly
  • Code the website

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i changes settings,votes are now public so if you already vote,please vote again.

WLM 2009 !

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We now have our official twitter :

Chat !

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try to get it to work on other versions of WLM.

It actually work with old versions

Not just 2009?


You want 8.0 ? you can do that !
You want 7.5 ? you can too
(other old versions are supported tho)