Making a messenger in VB 2010, and i need help on the login

How do i categorize this? Idunno.

Now i never really coded in VB much, i just find my answer on the interwebz.
I want to make the program connect to a web database and like, log into an account.
That’s just what i want and i don’t want the database in the program itself (as i mostly find).
If you guys wanna contribute on the project, i’d be happy to let you.
I pretty much know web and i dont like my idea of making a webbrowser object with the login form in it…
Thanks y’all. :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ll edit this post later for a preview of my work

thank god. I hate that everything nowadays is literally a browser window masquerading as an ‘app’

I remember Apple encouraging it, then discouraging it, and now everyone’s encouraging it