Made windows 10 look like winxp Imgur link since new users can only post one image in a post

Will post more details on how to do it when I find the time!


Cool. :stuck_out_tongue:

I do notice some cosmetic blemishes, though, so it’s not something I’m looking into when I get a new laptop to prepare for W7’s EOL, but still, neat. :slight_smile:

Yeah theres some problems due to how win10 is I assume if you do this with win7 it will look alot better (the Close min/max buttons would look nicer I’d assume) I Just did this with win10 as I am tired of downloading drivers and such

i have one theme but it dont change the windows , only the taskbar

I used uxthemepatcher and a winxp theme to get the windows and such

The buttons are scary!