MacOS in Virtualbox 6?

Hey guys, random question;

I saw in the changelog for Virtualbox that they recently added initial support for MacOS Guest Additions. Does that mean that they now have basic driver support for MacOS guests?

I am interested to try it but I have no idea where to start. I used to use MacOS Sierra on Virtualbox but it just didn’t support it whatsoever, and the setup was a big pain for what little came out of it, but the new virtual box update at least seems to fix the former.

Anyone interested in helping me out on getting MacOS working in the new Virtualbox, or if anyone knows anything? Thank you!

A while ago I had High Sierra running in 5.2.20 but I deleted the VM

did the changelog say what version of macOS it would start supporting?

Nope aha, its very vague.

" * MacOS Guest Additions: initial support "

That’s all it says.