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Homestuck much? :V
yes this is an off brand homestuck, I’m just taking things and claiming them as my own at this point
half of that is true
didnt realize i took the long day part from homestuck though fuck i need to stop plagiarizing

You would if you had any idea where he was, since


Dissapointing too he was sorta cool

Oh fuck not this guy. He reads MSPA like it’s crack.
But whatever time to harass this guy, hopefully he comes online soon


this took me too fucking long to figure out

joeShmoe: hey
joeShmoe: hey
joeShmoe: heyyyyyyyy
joeShmoe: heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
problemSleuther is now online.
problemSleuther: What is it jesus
joeShmoe: have you installed the new messenger app yet
problemSleuther: No I use PC, never use the PDA messenger
joeShmoe: sad
joeShmoe: you gotta man this looks so much cooler than the old app
problemSleuther: What would I use it for
joeShmoe: uhhh
joeShmoe: if you’re…without your computer
joeShmoe: and you’re stranded somewhere
joeShmoe: but luckily that place has cell service…
joeShmoe: …yeah I’m not making much sense am I
problemSleuther: Exactly
problemSleuther: That’s why I don’t use the mobile app
joeShmoe: sad
problemSleuther: Is this the only reason you messaged me
joeShmoe: yeah
problemSleuther: What the fuck man
problemSleuther is now offline.
joeShmoe: piss

That was what I call a

Welp, now there’s 2 other people you can talk to. You know David (mentallyDisturbed) is probably getting chewed out by his dad, so it would be unwise to talk to him right now.

it would be wise to read them both :3

harass FuckTheSystem!!!

joeShmoe: yo
FuckTheSystem!!!: Yeah What Do You Want
joeShmoe: have you installed the new mobile messenger yet
FuckTheSystem!!!: Yes I Am In The Process Of It Right Now
joeShmoe: cool
joeShmoe: do you have any idea what some of the new features are, I don’t know
FuckTheSystem!!!: Hell Yeah Man
FuckTheSystem!!!: They’re Addin Games 'n Shit Like That
FuckTheSystem!!!: Yknow Like Checkers, Jeopardy, Tic Tac Toe, Those Were Their Examples God If I Know If There’s Any More
joeShmoe: oh hell yeah, I didn’t know they were adding games
FuckTheSystem!!!: There’s A New Design Too Apparently
joeShmoe: yeah I’m using it right now, I’d know
joeShmoe is sending FuckTheSystem!!! an image: srn0231.jpg
FuckTheSystem!!!: That Looks…Rather Dissapointing
joeShmoe: sad
joeShmoe: the beta builds were taken from the windows live messenger 2109 mobile app lol
FuckTheSystem!!!: Surely You Kid
joeShmoe: no
FuckTheSystem!!!: I’ll Be Right Back
FuckTheSystem!!! is now Away.


harass southSide

southSide is now online.
southSide: hheelllloo
joeShmoe: holy fuck, why do you type like that
joeShmoe: I’ve told you so many times, it hurts my head to try and understand what you’re saying
southSide: iittss jjuusstt tthhee wwaayy II Okay, fine. Jesus.
southSide: I need to change my screen name, I made it when I was going through my Yes phase.
southSide: Which is to say listening to Fragile and nothing else for several weeks.
joeShmoe: lol
joeShmoe: yeah maybe change it to something better
joeShmoe: while South Side of the Sky is a good song, I can definitely agree with that, it’s not exactly a cool screen name
joeShmoe: maybe change it to something like
joeShmoe: man, idk
southSide: airyAerials?
joeShmoe: don’t tell me you’re going through a system of a down phase now
southSide: Not a phase.
joeShmoe: its a phase
southSide: Nuh uh.
joeShmoe: uh huh
southSide: Duck season.
joeShmoe: rabbit season!
southSide: Duck season!
joeShmoe: rabbit season!
southSide: Duck season!
joeShmoe: okay this has been going on for too long
joeShmoe: anyways are you installing the new messenger
southSide: Probably will now
southSIde: tthhaannkkss :slight_smile:
southSide is now offline.
joeShmoe: god fucking damn it

You are now curious what exactly that first dude meant by “other shit” and why he immediately left after learning about the beta build. Maybe he had something come to his attention?

Whatever, you have other things to do.

Actually, no you don’t. You have literally nothing to do, aside from maybe try to climb back into the hole in your house.


It’s right there, man. It’s only…ten feet up.

Yeah, you need to find some way back into your house. Your parents are probably going to notice you’re out of your room any second now.

What do you do?

look for any neighbor and ask if there is a ladder i can use

See if you have a web browser on your PDA, considering you can talk to your freinds on Janam Messanger.

None of your neighbors are around, but you did find a STEPLADDER, which is probably closer to portable stairs than a stepladder, but whatever.

Yup. Not enough. Maybe if you were just slightly taller, it would work, but noooo.

You do, but you would rather not use it unless it is absolutely necessary. Gotta save on data, yo.

What now?


sorry about the short break. had no motivation

jump and climb with the step ladder

Here you go, babey!


You should probably try again, or maybe do something else.

…hey, what’s that?

Why is there a card on the ground.


You don’t know what arms are, but hopefully they’ll be useful.


so basically The Felt but instead of the cards containing items theyre like upgrades you find on the ground for free.

commit suicidddddeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


throw ur phone on the road


Why would you do that?! You don’t even own a PHONE, only a PDA!

throw ur pda on the road and scream your favorite song

You have a feeling this is going to be a tremendous waste of time.


You do not listen to music, for that art form has been dead in the water for 50 years. All songs use the same chords now. You were “born in le wrong generation!!1”

go home and wake up ur mom

She’s awake, and you’re not sure how happy she’ll be if you knock on the door outside when you should be locked in your room.

Tell her she is gay :stuck_out_tongue:

You are not willing to give yourself the death penalty!

Go to your room, download tiny7 then install it


Now that you have arms, perhaps you should try using the STEPLADDER?

use the stepladder