Looking for people with WLM iOS app on their Apple ID

Hey, I’m looking for people who have the Windows Live Messenger app in the past downloads of their Apple ID, and ideally a jailbroken device. Alternatively I’m looking for cracked IPAs (the ones in an old thread here weren’t cracked, that’s why they didn’t work) of previous versions (pre-1.2) - I think I have an idea of what can get the older versions to connect to Escargot considering the WLM 2009 support around the corner.

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i don’t have the apps but i have jailbroken devices with ios 6.1.6 and ios 9.3.5 if you find a crack

There is already a cracked IPA of version 1.2.3 out there, I can’t remember where (Google it?) but it uses MSNP21 (WLM 2012) so it’s useless for connecting to Escargot for now. Also thanks for the offer but I already have plenty of testing devices (iOS 3 through 10)

Apple has released 9.3.6 recently, If you update, Your jailbreak may be patched.

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it’s an ipod touch 5

i believe the wlm apps used XMPP and MSNP? correct me if I’m wrong